Monday, 24 October 2016

A Gardener's Daughter

Something I have wanted to do for a long time is start an Etsy store and I finally did it. I decided to go all in a make a blog to go along with it so I will no longer be posting anything on this site but instead will be sharing everything at

See you there!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Introducing Ira

Meet Ira. 
Isn't he the sweetest?
He is our 3 month old pure delight of a little person. We are completely smitten with him and I think he quite likes us as well. I don’t really know where to start to tell you about him because there is so much to say but even though it has only been a few quick months we could not imagine our lives without him filling every moment. 

He was born on January 23rd. It was a Saturday and I knew he was going to come that weekend. It was the day after our due date. I’ll save all the labour details for another post but it went just perfectly and wonderfully as far as giving birth to a baby is concerned and I’d do it again just for him and that feeling of him finally placed on my chest after so much hard work. Completely worth it. He was 6lbs 6ozs, 52.5cm long, with a head circumference of 34.5cm, in case you were wondering. 

One thing you will learn about Ira if you spend any time with him is that he loves his milk. Loves it. Which means he is growing like crazy and was back at his birth weight only 5 days after he was born. By the time we left Canada he was 11lbs 14ozs and now at three months he is well above that. My arms are getting strong and everyone here in South Africa is always shocked at how big he is. I think my smallness probably makes him look bigger and often they say I have super milk haha which I like to think I do. It is amazing how a baby can be measurably bigger overnight after having a growth spurt. It always seems like his clothes fit him one day and then the day after they don’t fit at all. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for your body to grow so quickly. I love it. At first i was sad about how fast he grew because I love love love the feeling of holding a mini little newborn but now the more rolls he gets the more I love love love it and the chubbier his cheeks get the more kissable they seem. Needless to say he gets lots of kisses and he just soaks them right up. I hope he knows even a tiny bit of how loved he is. 

This past week he had a wonder week (Look them up. Week 12=Ira this week) which means he had a big leap in development. All of a sudden he is opening and closing his hands and grabbing things way more than before and I feel like he is constantly saying, “Look mama I can intertwine my fingers together and shove them in my mouth!” He is also making much longer sounds when he talks to us and laughing enough to give himself the hiccups when Jason jumps around ridiculously. You think you can’t possibly love him anymore and he laughs a little harder than he did the day before and your heart explodes and you say. “Oh King Jesus, thank you for this incredible gift!” 

As far as settling back in South Africa goes it was a bit of an adjustment. I don't necessarily recommend moving half way across the world with a two month old although it really went quite smoothly for us. Thankfully Ira is fairly content and relaxed and even though I think he did find all the change hard he settled quickly and seems normal now. Adjusting to the heat was a challenge for him as he is always warm and cosy so there have been quite a few times where it seems most people are bundled up and we have him stripped down to his nappie and he is still too hot. Soon it will be winter though and then all that baby fat and exposure to Canadian winter will be helpful. He has lots of nice fleecy clothes and cute hats to wear. We started back at work about a week and half after we arrived and Ira seems to enjoy our team meetings and ministry times. I love taking him with me and having him on my hip while praying and worshipping. 

I could go on and on about him and his blue/grey eyes and how he always seemed to smile for more than just gas and how cute his chubby little toes are but he is waking up now and wants some of his beloved milk so I'll end here. I am going to try and start posting more considering that I stopped for so long. In the haze of travelling and preparing for/having a newborn I set blogging aside but I think its time to pick it back up again and keep all of you beautiful readers and supporters updated.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Finally A Wee Update

The other day Jason & I were in town at the Tall & Small, our favourite place in almost all of Antigonish, and as we were getting ready to leave for a walk Jason had the idea to drive out to the beach. Brilliance. We love the beach and found ourselves going from being there at least once a day in Muizenberg because we lived so close to never going at all in favour of a warm house because the beach wind can be cold on this winter coast. That day I think we just needed a bit of adventure so the beach was perfect. We chose the closest one so as not to miss the sunset and the closer we got the more we gaped at the beauty that unfolded before us. Literally mouths wide open gaping. It was like God held off the wind and painted the sky in the softest sunset colours just for us. Thankfully I had my camera and we were able to take a few pictures before our fingers froze to the shutter button. This was Baby Lewis's first time to the beach in Nova Scotia so of course we had to document. 

It feels like time has been a bit of a blur these past two months as we prepared to leave South Africa and then as we prepared for our baby here in Canada. Pretty much anything extra has been pushed to the side in favour of walks and naps (lots of naps) and appointments and people and baby preparation reading. Last week was I can't believe I am 37 weeks already and this week is I can't believe we are 38 weeks! This baby is coming soon. Its funny how one of the worries I was often praying thorough and taking to God about was that the baby was going to come early. I think just because we were so far away from where we planned to have him the thought of him coming early was a bit too much even though I had no reason to think he actually would. And that would have been ridiculously early. Once we got to Canada it was much better but I find it so funny now that since he could come any day and we have basically made it to the end I don't think he is going to come for another week at least. I went from I hope he doesn't come early to yeah I don't think he is coming for a while. (I mean if I was him I'd want to stay in there a bit longer. He seems so happy and comfortable although my ribs would definitely beg to differ.) But we will see. We are very ready to have him and to see what he looks like! 

Since being in Canada we have gotten to connect with some good friends which is amazingly life giving and heart filling right to the brim as well as travel a bit between Antigonish where we stay and Moncton where Jason's parents stay. We actually spent Christmas in both places and were blessed  more than we deserved. We even got to see Jason's Oma who came to visit for the holidays from California which was very special. I was hoping for a white Christmas but it was one of the most mild days we have had since being here. We got lots of snow right after though and although I don't like the cold I love white and snow makes everything white and gorgeous. 

As far as the baby goes everything has been great and he is healthy. He has grown tremendously in the past month or so and is always moving around in there. I love it. We had to get blood tests and an ultrasound so they would have all of that on record in their system on this side and they were good too. Our ultrasound was so fun. We hadn't seen him like that since my 20 week one and he was soooo much bigger. The lady showed us all his body parts and facial features and said one of his feet was up in my ribs and the other was pushing on my stomach. I didn't need an ultrasound to tell me that haha. I think my favourite from the ultrasound besides seeing he was all healthy was that you could even notice a little bit of hair on his head. Way to make my heart melt and freak out with joy all at the same time. It was just so cute to see those little wisps. We will see if he has lots of hair or not any day now. 

Keep praying for us and for him as we approach labour. I can't wait. People often ask if I am afraid but I think honestly I can say I am not, I am mostly excited. It's a huge thing and on the other side of it we get to have our baby! We are also in amazing hands as our hospital here seems wonderful and our Dr. is one of my favourite women in the whole world and I have so much trust in God that He is going to be tangibly present. There are so many scriptures about labour and birth and they bring me so much peace. God formed this baby and He is going to bring him out. He is more excited about this than I am. 

I guess that's my update. Happy New Year and all of that too. May 2016 be as wonderful as you hope and dream it to be. 
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